Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Review: Legacy Of Rescue By Marta Fuchs: An Emotionally Written Tearful Tribute To Her Father

Legacy of Rescue A Daughter’s Tribute written by Marta Fuchs would bring out tears from your eyes at some or many moments while reading. The book highlights two extreme aspects of human nature – barbaric and selfless. On one hand one can go to extreme barbaric acts where one does not respect other as a human being and put him under slavery thereby killing his dignity and self-respect. On the other hand there are people who believe in God, fear from doing wrong acts and believe in helping weak and poor without expecting anything in return. This book is a sequential remembrance of Author’s father, his sufferings, his encounter with lot of bad and a few of good people in life, and finally getting rescued from slavery.

Morton (Miksa) Fuchs belonged to a Jewish family living in Hungary during Nazis era. Since most of the events and sequences have been narrates by the relevant person themselves, it becomes more interesting and realistic read to understand what exactly happened during that period, how brutally and the painful life they were forced to live. Morton Fuchs worked under a Hungarian man known as Zoltan Kubinyi. Zoltan was almost 10 years older than Morton. Morton, born in 1911, living through many phases of his life, and passing through different colors, finally died in 2000. Zoltan was not that lucky who was born in 1901, died in 1946. Probably Zoltan had come with a solitary and serene mission of saving the life of Morton and others from Nazis.

Marta Fuchs, who was born in 1950, to a Jewish family and prior to her birth, her father had been consigned to labor camp. Many of her father’s cohort were not able to survive and ultimately died. Probably Morton also would not have been able to survive under such tough and unfriendly situations if he had not met his rescuer in a God fearing man Zoltan Kubyini. Zoltan Kubyini was commanding officer of Morton Fuchs. Legacy of Rescue A Daughter’s Tribute, basically covers the whole sequence and events of rescue of of her father, Morton Fuchs, by the great help of her father’s savior Zoltan Kubyini.

Morton was a great person as even after so dreadful event happening in his life, he refused to hate Germans or non-Jewish Hungarians just for the reason of the painful life he had to spend for whatsoever reasons. After every few pages, the images, relevant to these events, make it quite interesting.

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