Sunday, March 24, 2013

Creativity And Creative Writing

Creativity is something that lies within a person. A creative person has a capability of creating in an innovative, intuitive, different, and significant manner. Creativity demands a different style of working.

If ten persons are performing same task independently and all producte the same results following the same manner to achieve it in same time, then no difference will be visible in their style of working.

Creativity reflects in a person, when for instance, a task is performed successfully in absence of required resources to perform it. The same applies in writing. A creative writer is absolutely different from others in working style, performing the task and creating results. 

A creative writer can create content on any subject or topic even if he is short of information. That is what creativity is.

A writer with an extra topping of imagination, innovation and intuition is what makes the cake different from the regular ones.
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