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Book Review: RIP by Mukul Deva: An Exhilarating And Engrossing Thriller

The tag line of website of Mukul Deva says - If you can imagine it - you can achieve it. RIP by Mukul Deva was released in December 2012. Before writing about this engrossing thriller , it is quite important to know about this super hit author - Mukul Deva, who besides being expert in this trait, is also well known as a Mentor, Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and a great human being. Almost all leading newspapers and publishing house admire his work published so far. Business World says - The God of all things... it's tough describing Mukul Deva. The Statesman - Deva has a Nostradamus touch. And that is in fact true as he has a tremendous power of foreseeing the things happening in future. In his books Lashkar (Persian word - meaning military camp or army) published in the year 2008 and Salim Must Die published in 2009, Mukul Deva projected a global terrorist resembling Osama and and about U.S. troops locating him in a village in Pakistan.
Indian Express narrates Mukul Deva as a man with a license to thrill and the first Indian writer expert in  writing military thrillers. The same has been written about him in The Hindu. The Business Standard designates him as a literary storm trooper. Well with 5 super hit books in 5 consecutive years - demands more to say about Mukul Deva. 

R.I.P. is a story about patriotism. It talks about selfishness versus selfless goals. It talks about Corruption at a large scale and up to the highest level in India. It talks about the doers who dare to die while fighting against corruption rather than accepting it and keep cribbing about it or becoming a prey of political mafia. It talks about almost real situation in India where people elect there leaders for the growth of country and the moment they get elected, their personal growth becomes prime for them and that too at any cost and by getting down to any level. RIP indicates that the biggest crime is to dodge the people who elect a leader and bring him to power. There is only one punishment for corrupt politicians who mold country and administrative powers just for their personal, selfish motives; and that is nothing less than DEATH.
R.I.P. stands for The Resurgent Indian Patriots. Some people can still stand tall against all the odds in life and have guts to fight against corruption. They attain the power to fight against all kind of wrong powers and ultimately reach to their goals without thinking twice about their own life. Out of such people there is a group of few Indian Army personnel who left the job and started fighting against termite that is eating the nation, called corruption. This group is called K-Team led by Colonel Krishna Athawale, and comprises of brave-hearts like Karan, Sanjive, Kulwant and few more. All have the same mission of getting this country Corruption Free.

Just reverse of Colonel Krishna Athawale is Raghav Bhagat who is as corrupt as the leaders of this country though he is also from army. Home Minister hires Raghav Bhagat to kill K-Team so as to survive and save his corrupt face. Raghav's ex-wife Reena is as strong a character as Colonel Athawale and she divorced Raghav when she found him enjoying with another lady in a compromising position, after she cut short her trip and reached home unalarmingly. Reena is a news anchor with NDTV living with her son Azaan. 

 Col Athawale lost his wife during a fight against terrorists who were trying to hijack a plane in which she was an air hostess. During this combat Col's wife dies and that becomes a reason for him to leave army. Colonel Athawale lives with his son Sachin and both miss the most precious person in their life who left them all of a sudden. Sachin and Azaan are in the same school and class and that becomes a common link between Col. and Reena who finally marry. 

There is CBI special Director Vinod Bedi who is tired of serving corrupt ministers but is helpless having no other choice. Story is highly engrossing keeping you asking all the time right since you start first page - what next?. 

The Prime Minister is just a toy in the hands of Ruling Party's President. Her son is being expected to be the next Prime Minister of the country. Colonel and team tried to warn corrupt ministry by killing three influential political figures who were sunk in corruption till neck. But Home Minister refuses to pay any heed to the demand of K-Team of resignation of all corrupt ministers, bringing back all black money for the welfare of country. 

A long wild goose chase keeps happening among Trio teams of Vinod Bedi, Raghav Bhagat and Colonel Athawale. Three more killings of high level officials and ministers, by K-Team, as a stern indication to corrupt government makes no serious impact except that price money for Bhagat is doubled by Home Minister on killing K-Team and increasing task force of CBI special Director for chasing and finding K-Team. But nothing helps against the selfless motive of K-Team and finally government gets defeated. Cells in Tihar Jail become short when it starts filling corrupt ministers and there is no space left for normal criminals. 

Overall R.I.P. by Mukul Deva is an intensely woven engrossing thriller.

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