Monday, February 04, 2013

V Spot Cafe Bar Review: Relax And Relish With Savor Of Taste And Humor

The Occasion

Courtesy, I got an opportunity under their "Let the treat follow & Let the words flow" to visit The V Spot Cafe + Bar and spend time there to relax, enjoy and treat myself with sumptuous food along with loved ones. 

The Location

Currently, V Spot Cafe Bar (a unit of Leisure Streak Hospitality Pvt Ltd) is located in 2 places in NCR - Gurgaon and Delhi. /in Gurgaon, it is in Cross Point Building, Shop No. 307, Near Galleria Market and in New Delhi it is in District Centre Saket. I decided to visit Gurgaon one with my family preferring a little better route (lesser traffic) as compared to Saket and later realized that was the right choice when got to know from the staff there that Saket one is not that spacious as this one. Gurgaon address of V Spot Cafe Bar might have a word 'shop' but is huge, really huge to give you your own space for real enjoyment and relaxation, as you will find tables far away from each other and you have a variety in opting for sitting - sofas, chairs; outside - either side enjoying cool environment around with skyscraper housing societies, or inside enjoying wider than wide plasma watching ongoing match or music. 

The way to V Spot Cafe & Bar

Well, these are not bars, see carefully, this is the staircase. For entry to V Spot Cafe and Bar, you will have to stop lift at second floor though the Cafe Bar is on the third floor. From the second floor, you have to go by stairs to the cafe & bar. Every staircase says something to you and your connect starts from there only. A feel good  factor kind. 

First Impression Is The Last Impression - A Warm Welcome

A smiling face greeted us and welcomed inside asking us about our option for sitting inside or outside with a suggestion that outside would be better being a sunny day during winters. We glanced outside and then decided to sit inside though it was equally good both ways.

The Ambiance
It was fantastic environment - quite spacious, noninterfering and relaxing. Right since the beginning of stairs till inside - where we seated, an inside soothing impact had got developed.


Ambiance and menu were entirely unique and different in kind, something away from regular, blind following. It was well thought of and uniquely designed. Items in the menu have been named with a high amount of vigor and humor.

F & B
We ordered for some soups and starters, to start with. A non-veg platter, Shroom Boom Soup, and The Ultimate Thai Soup. It neither came too early nor did it arouse any irritating signs due to delay. There were quite a number of tables occupied at that time, each part of the cafe and bar but still sitting in their own world. The starter and soups were really amazing.

After soup and starters, we ordered for the main course - Lasagna Al Raghu & La La Lasagna  and then some sweet dishes and shakes, - Coffee Mousse and Choc 'n' Awe finding all so fulfilling and sumptuous.

Service was excellent every time we ordered. All staff was quite courteous and having a radiant smile on their face. Unlike at other places (and I found at many famous and good places) where after serving, they keep standing at your head and keep watching to such an extent that you really start getting irritated, stop enjoying the food and hurriedly finish and go; nothing of that kind happened here. We had someone around every time we had a need, but none too close or poking into our world of enjoyment or relaxation. None of the staff gave any signals indicating us to hurry, finish food, pay bill and go. Though many tables were occupied but still many more were vacant.

The Washrooms
Needless to say, it was neat and clean with a lot of interesting stuff on the walls.

The Games

You will find a wider TV Screen, Xbox 360 console, and a variety of games, scrabble and other board games; and a video shooting area where you can get your small movie made and if that gets selected is telecast on Channel V.


On every Thursday, you can enjoy Karaoke Night too.

Don't forget to read contents of the paper napkin prior to using it.

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