Sunday, November 04, 2012

Warhol's Michael Jackson Portrait Sold For $812,000

Warhol's JacksonHolding true to the concept that artists are often valued more AFTER their death than when they were alive, a famous portrait by legendary artist Andy Warhol of Michael Jackson, was auctioned off for $812,000. Clearly, the ‘King of Pop’ is still hot even after he has departed. Warhol completed the portrait of Michael Jackson in 1984 and sold it to a New York based fan of Michael Jackson's in 1990s at a far lower price.
The artwork has been bought by an anonymous bidder when it was placed for bid at Christie’s Auction House on Tuesday. The expected price was $700,000, and the final bid went to $812,000. The iconic portrait of Michael Jackson features the singer in a "Thriller-era" red jacket with squiggles of red and yellow in his hair.
A thing of beauty is a joy for ever — and a wise investment!
                 Warhol, Jackson 
                    The King of Pop Art With The King of Pop
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