Sunday, November 04, 2012

Climbing Stairs Daily Helps Lower The Risk of Stroke

If it is applicable in Germany, it can be applicable anywhere across the world.
The German Stroke Foundation has come out with their latest findings that the probability of a stroke decreases with a regular exercise and a balanced diet. In Germany as per this foundation, stroke is the third most frequent cause of early retirement. A 30-minute daily regular exercise is good enough to reduce the risk substantially. Obesity is one of the major concerns these days worldwide due to poor eating habits and no exercise.
Cycling, jogging, swimming, and brisk walking are some of the easy to start low cost exercise means. Other areas could be tennis, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, and badminton.
Globally people now understand the power of yoga, exercise, and meditation. Also more people are quitting smoking and drinking, as well as eating less red meat across the globe.
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