Sunday, November 04, 2012

Koalas Are Vanishing From Australia

Koalas are vanishing and this is definitely an environment related issue. More and more people have started poking their nose into nature thereby spoiling the balance and gradually shifting towards self destruction which is going beyond the control of local governments.
The trees are being cut at a faster rate, jungles are vanishing, effecting largely the animal and bird kingdom across the globe. People definitely love this wonderful cute species that survives on Eucalyptus leaves and is like a live teddy bear in appearance. The Government’s Threatened Species Scientific Committee is going to review it again next year and maybe the further extinction of koalas may permit them to declare this beautiful species threatened.
Here are some agencies keeping track of the numbers:

Country: Australia
Agencies Involved: 4
Names of the agencies involved:
1. Koalas
2. Koala Foundation
3. Northern Queensland State
4. Government’s Threatened Species Scientific
Agency 1: Koala: The number is decreasing in Australia, at a faster pace than the number of trees being cut. At some places where there used to be plenty of koalas, now there are none.
Agency 2: Koala Foundation: They are worried about Koala’s extinction, raising alarm time and again, with fact and figures but all in vain.
Agency 3: Northern Queensland State: The situation is quite worse here. A team of eight people in four days could not find even one koala whereas this place used to be the main hub of koalas. Imagine the speed with which koalas are vanishing.
Agency 4: Government’s Threatened Species Scientific Committee: This is the coolest agency among the four. They don’t find it alarming right now to declare koalas as a Threatened Species. Probably their criteria is till even a single species is found on the Earth, there is no point in declaring it as a threatened species.

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