Saturday, November 03, 2012

Site Review: A Wig Portal Where Even Non-Customers Can Get Hooked

Selling wigs can be done purely in an artistic and professional manner, and that can be seen at The company has served customers worldwide since 1969 with a large range of products, it has earned a big name because of its association with almost all the top names in the wig manufacturing industry.'s homepage is fascinating and informative such that whether you are a wig user or not, you will get hooked on reading and browsing the pages.
Whether you are a customer or not, if you have to consult about anything related to wigs, there are ways to connect to wig experts through the site. Brands of worldwide repute supplied here include Revlon, Rene, Hair U, Lacy, Jon Renau, and Adolfo, to name a few.
Lace Front wigs, based on a new technology, are quite hot these days due to the attractive designs and a unique style of hiding the hairline while wearing the wig. A page displaying Sarah Palin-style wigs is also quite interesting, displaying various unique combinations of style and colour.
The portal is a B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) e-commerce site where prospective customers can see a full-page view of a particular style of wig with various options of colour and style.
I have found this portal to be very neat, crisply informative, perfectly user-friendly and simple to navigate. Though I have never used a wig, I spent a really substantial amount of time on this site because of its professional design and clearly visible user-friendly business approach.

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