Sunday, November 04, 2012

Australia Waters Contain Most Unknown Living Species

Which country’s waters in the world are most biologically diverse in terms of living species? The answer is Australia’s, according to a recent census chaired by Dr. Alan Butler that polled thousands of scientists from almost 80 countries around the globe.
The survey results found that approximately 85% of the water species in Australia’s Marine area are still unexplored and unidentified, and more than 50% of the named species have still not been given a place in the database.
This opens a large avenue of further research for the marine scientist community to explore the unknown water species in Australia’s waters. The group of scientists admitted that this exploration of unknown species is a huge task that will take years.
Maybe with further advancement in technology, it will become possible to cover a higher range of unknown species, but as of now it seems to be an impossible task. The diversified species include huge variety of molluscs, fish, and other deep water species.
The above figures are based on certain findings, which in my opinion, may vary. The number of unknown species may be much higher than the estimated figures. More facts will be uncovered gradually, with further findings which may lead the research efforts to more fruitful results. The study has also generated a big challenge for more scientists from various countries to jump into the fray.

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