Saturday, November 03, 2012

Book Review: Raising Teenagers: The Best Way: Teenagers and Parents (Volume I) by Devika Primic

http://life.familyeducation.comRaising Teenagers: The Best Way: Teenagers and Parents (Volume I) is second book from Devika Primic released in May 2011 and is available on The book is priced at a nominal price of $10. Her first book,Educating Children: A Better Way, was released in September, 2009.
Being a mom, Devika  has penned down lot of things that she herself encountered while raising her own teen, and thus has explained very important things quite minutely and sensibly. Right from the behavioral changes occurring in a teenager, Devika has balanced all the information well, in such a manner that this book becomes a must read for both – teen and mother of a teen.
http://helpfortroubledteens.netHormonal changes occurring in teenagers' and their affect on teenagers behaviour need to be managed properly by any teenager, especially girls, and their families as well. Devika has touched all relevant topics well in a proper sequence covering personality, education, physical changes, mannerism, discipline, and so on.
Devika herself has a mix of three nation’s cultures. She is an Indian by origin, belonging to South Africa and now living in Croatia.

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