Saturday, November 03, 2012

Movie Review: Unbreakable - A Movie That Will Never Be Old To Watch

Unbreakable, directed by M. Knight Shyamalan, was originally released in 2000. It is an intriguing tale about a man named Mr Dunn, played by Bruce Willis, who becomes the sole survivor of a terrible train disaster.
The fact that not only is he the sole survivor of this terrible accident, but the fact he escapes without a single scratch, draws immediate media attention. Watching this event unfold with great interest is a character named Elijah.
The movie begins by depicting Elijah’s birth, a normal delivery by any terms but the newborn requires emergency treatment as both his arms and legs are broken. Diagnosed with an extremely rare condition that leaves him with very fragile and low density bones, Elijah grows up under his mother’s constant supervision.
He has a strong belief that characters from comics also exist as characters in real life, and that in real life these characters also have super powers. He believes that there are heroes and villains, good and bad characters in real life, just as there are in comics.
This intriguing movie unfolds as the two men meet, and shows how Elijah tries to convince Dunn that he is in fact a real life comic hero possessing special powers who can never be defeated or destroyed.
The interesting part of the movie comes in discovering the truth behind Elijah and his true character, is he a really good man that he appears to be, or is there something he is he the one responsible for the many serious accidents taking place in the city..... and if so, why?
It is a very inquisitive and insightful movie. I think that Unbreakableshould be watched at least once, if not again, to fully understand and appreciate the gravity of the subject. The movie highlights in today’s time, just how difficult it is to differentiate between the real good or evil behind any person’s character.
I found Unbreakable to be a very interesting and insightful tale about the eternal fight between good and evil, and well worth watching.

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