Friday, November 02, 2012

An Interview with Vishwas Mudagal - A Young Global Entrepreneur and CEO

Vishwas Mudagal is an Entrepreneur, a CEO and a Management coach with hands-on technology and management experience, a proven record of building brands and products and a history of creating sustainable enterprises. He comes with over a decade of diverse experience across technology, entrepreneurial & corporate spheres – in Internet, Mobile, Education, Telecom and Software domains. Vishwas has his own popular blog site where he talks about his subjects. We interview Vishwas to better understand his prime focus on the education industry and his views and plans for different education markets in US, India, and elsewhere around the globe.
Hello Vishwas, please tell us about your journey so far in the corporate world.
Well, I have a proven record of building brands and products and a history of creating sustainable companies. I helped several global companies (MNCs, SMEs & Startups alike) to set up and scale software development centers, sales, operations and strategy in India and in Global markets. The journey has been rewarding as I have always done what I’m passionate about.
You received a very prestigious award recently?
Yes, I received the ‘Star Entrepreneur Award‘ from Indira India Innovation Summit 2011 in recognition for my contribution to entrepreneurship and innovation in India.
Your current focus is on Education Industry in India and U.S.?
I am currently serving as the CEO of Castle Rock Research India, the technology division of Castle Rock Research Corporation – a leading educational resource development company in Canada, offering print and digital educational resources. Founded in 2008, Castle Rock Research India is a world-class product development company with 100+ employees, 2 R&D centers – Bangalore and Kolkata, India.
My prime focus currently is to lead the company to be a pioneer in educational products in global markets. Our agenda right now is to make education affordable (or even free) and pretty much 'kill the textbook' by adopting  mobile/tablet based products and innovative revenue models. We are a strong supporter of open access education resources and our product Solaro is aimed towards this and is free for schools.
We are in the initial stages of entering the $84 billion Indian education market. We are forming strategic alliances with key players here to cater to K12, Higher Ed and Test Prep markets.
Among all your previous achievements which one would you like to discuss in detail here?
Previously, I played a significant role in establishing the operations of Freescale Semiconductor ($6 billion MNC) in Bangalore. I created and led teams that built software for next-generation mobile phones and platforms. (Even today, I am known for my innovative contribution that resulted in the first voice call that was ever made on a Freescale mobile platform in Bangalore!) In Freescale, I won many awards and accolades and wore many hats.
I was the founding member of the Patent Committee at the Bangalore center, which helped increase patent disclosures and research papers. I published and presented a research paper on “using reconfigurable hardware in mobile phones” at GSPx Conference 2006, Santa Clara, USA and was recognized on a global platform as the Track Leader for wireless segment for my outstanding research paper. I also played a critical role in the Motorola-Freescale Technical Collaboration between Freescale India and Motorola France.
You started an interesting venture in 2007. What was so unique about this particular one?
In 2007, I founded JobeeHive, a startup that launched and built social media tools for enterprises and consumers. is a unique web 2.0 professional-social network that enables professionals and students to research employers across industry sectors and locations. I grew this startup from scratch to make it the biggest employer-research focused internet platform in India (source: was named in the Top 10 Indian Technology Startups in February 2009 featured in DARE Magazine. JAM Magazine named JobeeHive one of the hottest startups in 2009.

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