Friday, November 02, 2012

An Interview With Anush Begloian – A Remarkable Woman from Armenia

Her name is Anush Edward Begloian. She is from Armenia. She has over 15 years of work experience in a number of international, business, state, and non-governmental organizations. She can be seen as a power-packed icon for women across the globe, contributing to her country’s growth alongside her own excellent career growth. in fact she has focussed more on teamwork throughout rather than focusing on achieving individual goals. A humble co-author who has authored many development projects for promoting the business sector in her country, Armenia, she has also been deputy director of the Armenian Enterprises Incubator Fund where she was aggressively involved in initiating, drafting, and implementing a number of World Bank Projects in her country.
Hi Anush, and a very warm welcome to Blogcritics. How about starting with a summary of your impressive career?
Since 1995 I've occupied various administrative and managerial positions in the spheres of staff management, financial management, and development of small and medium businesses, particularly in the field of Information Technologies. Since 2000 I co-authored of a number of development projects, aimed at promotion of the business sector in Armenia and participated in drafting and implementing a number of World Bank projects as a deputy director of Armenian Enterprises Incubator Fund. In 2003-2004 worked as the manager of the Program Department in the All-Armenian Foundation "Hayastan." From 2003 to March 2008 I was APRA Executive Director. In April 2008 I assumed a new assignment at Armentel CJSC Executive Office as a Head of Public Relations Services.
What are your professional specialities?
Marketing Communication, Public Relations, Government Relations, Fundraising, Business Plan Development, Industry Research, Project Management, Financial Management, Government Lobbying, Mediation.
Starting your career back in 1995, you have worked with the UN High Commissioner Office, World Bank, and French University among other organizations of global repute; which among them would you rate as your best tenure and why?
Every stage of my career was a step ahead, challenging [me] to learn and develop myself. Therefore every time I moved to a new workplace it seemed that I have never had such a wonderful job before. Anyway soon I found out that the best feeling is that you are moving ahead. So now I know that the best tenure is always the place that awaits me somewhere in the future. Every move was a preparation now for a next step [and] for a bigger challenge.
What made you keep moving from one prestigious assignment to another? Was is a desire for change?
I would like to mention one of my favorite quotes by Alfred Edward Perlman, who said, “After you've done a thing the same way for two years, look it over carefully. After five years, look at it with suspicion. And after ten years, throw it away and start all over.“ I always tried to stay within the limits of healthy suspicion towards what I am doing and for how long. And I try to ask myself constantly have I achieved the most of what I could at my current place; isn’t it time to go ahead and try something new?
For almost six years (2003–2009) you owned the Armenian Public Relations Association and then switched jobs. Any particular reason? What is the status of that Association?
At APRA I first started practicing Public Relations with the help of my more experienced colleagues; that was a valuable experience, completely different from what I had before, [a] transition from International Development to entrepreneurship. I truly believe every successful corporate executive has to undergo that stage and test him- or herself at the grassroots of business development – trying to create a start-up and possibly making it a success. I had been Executive Director and Vice President of the organization for six years. During this time it became a reputable and self-sustainable entity with its own business branches and consulting facility, serving large corporate clients. So the time had come to enter a completely new environment, the world of telecom giants, and undertake the huge task of representing it to the outside world. In two years we managed to double the reputation index of the company and I must say – this is a top personal achievement for me so far.
What is your educational background?
MS, Physics and then MBA, Marketing, Industrial Psychology.
Your social and professional achievements?
I was part of AUA Alumni Association during my college days. You may notice that all awards mention my “common“ perfectionism.
In August 2008 I was awarded recognition for the Armenian PR team "Best among CIS countries" of Vympelkom CJSC Group.
Gran Prix – Mashtots 1600 All Armenian E-content Award for the site:
Winner of World Development Marketplace 2002 – (member of project Team ) - Brain Drain to Brain Gain Project. October 2001- World Bank ECA Department Performance Award recipient.
Wow! That is a lot of achievements. What are your other interests?
I love reading books, listening to music, and traveling all over the world, discovering new places, feeling myself a silent observer of other people's lives. My favorite song changes depending on the mood.  If I'm angry, then something a bit heavier, like American Rap or Heavy Metal would be ideal. If I'm in an apathetic mood, maybe "Creep" by Radiohead or Celtic music. But I would have to say my favorite group of all time is The Beatles. My favorite books –Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, Salinger’s short stories; Somerset Maugham's Theatre always returns my soul to peace, inspiring me and teaching me harmony and wisdom.
A message for all women across the globe?
Never stop changing yourself and world will change in your hands, turning into the place of your dreams. Move ahead and believe you are the best of all!

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