Friday, November 02, 2012

What Looks Well Sells Well

whoridesavespa.comAll over the world, trade and commerce have grown by leaps and bounds though the ages. Today we have marketing techniques and professional advertising to sell products sometimes even before the product actually arrives on the market. Marketing techniques in business are not only to convince a customer to buy something, they influence product design, materials and ingredients, manufacture, quality, pricing, packaging, and overall presentation.
For a very long time, the business world lived on the quality of the product to woo customers to buy products and to generate profits. Today it is different; it is extremely difficult to say that quality of the product is the only aspect that makes business. For instance when two different manufacturers produce technically and quality-wise equally good products (be it razors, detergents, soaps, cars, or electronic products), looks and appearance are used as differentiators to attract different segments of buyers.
designsojourn.comThe varied customer class is the major reason behind this major drift in our business world. The customer is generally wooed by the packaging or the look of the product or its colour and so on when the purpose is to just shop to relax and chill out rather than shop for the sake of need. In a situation like this a customer would not necessarily buy a branded item because he is not really in need of it, but settles for something that woos him and allows him to use it for a while until he is sure he is buying something which is useful and long-lasting. This drift is evidenced in clothing, furniture, or any products where being eye-catching is important.
gaadi.comSo marketing techniques have changed the focus to manufacturing products which look good and are catchy. The influence is so strong that there is a major shift in design and sometimes in the quality of materials too. The influence of making these kinds of compromises is so powerful that the companies are now introducing different ranges of quality in their products, and it makes such an impact on the customer that he resigns to buying a lesser quality product of a brand of his choice where he has an option to buy a better quality product at the same price! This marketing technique is a result of the huge competition in every sphere of business and every aspect of trade and commerce.
Personally, for example, I don’t see Sony Ericsson, LG, or Samsung mobile handsets technically inferior in any aspect to Nokia. But still Nokia sells more because of presentation, effective looks, and strategic marketing.

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