Sunday, November 04, 2012

Flying Car Becoming A Reality Soon

Flying Car - A soon to be a reality?

Is Flying car becoming A reality soon?

If we go by the US aviation verdict, flying cars are going to be a reality soon

Flying Car Becoming A Reality Soon
Photo credit: nolnet via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC
World's first flying car has been cleared off by US aviation authorities and will soon be available commercially. The transformation from car to winged aircraft, as per report, will take 30 seconds.
The US authorities’ rules for the aircraft have been made flexible in this regard. The driver of this vehicle will not be required to acquire a pilot’s license.
The same seat in the vehicle will work as pilot’s cockpit and car’s driver. As Anna Dietrich, an employee of the vehicle manufacturer explained, when the vehicle lands at the airport the pilot/driver will be able to fold up the wings without getting out of the cockpit. The time will be almost same as it takes to put down the convertible top of a car. After the transition, the power of the engine will shift to the wheels.

Flying Car Becoming A Reality Soon
Photo credit: x-ray delta one via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

I feel this is a great example of imagination becoming a reality and demonstrates tremendous human brain power in exploring technology and innovation. Though this will create more airspace traffic, it may decrease the road traffic. Also, it may also help emergency situations like a vehicle carrying a serious patient getting stuck in heavy traffic on the road, thereby delaying the immediate attention of the hospital staff. A single vehicle working as an airplane and a car will dance to the tunes of the user.
The past of imagination is converting to the future of realities. Flying cars was just a point of imagination. And we are about to witness it in reality. Obviously, the credit goes to the advancements in technology and the human brain. A flying car is a personal vehicle that can take an aerial route as well as the land route for an end-to-end travel. The transition from land to aerial route must be hassle-free in terms of time taken and tasks to be performed.
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