Sunday, November 04, 2012

Girl Has Half Her Brain Removed and Recovers

A young American girl is a walking reminder that miracles can happen, with the help of the advances in medical surgery. She has made a full recovery following surgery three years ago to remove half of her brain.
In 2007, doctors in Baltimore diagnosed nine-year-old Cameron Mott with the rare disorder known as Rasmussen’s Syndrome, which causes one side of the brain to deteriorate. She was suffering up to 10 seizures a day and was losing her ability to speak.
Cameron underwent surgery to at the John Hopkins Medical Center to remove the entire right side of her brain, a dramatic surgical procedure that lasted seven hours. Although her parents were at first understandably apprehensive about the procedure, neurosurgeon Dr. George Jallo was confident Cameron would make a full recovery following the hemispherectomy.
The ability of a child's brain to rewire themselves makes this surgery an effective treatment for this disorder. The remaining side of a child’s brain is able to take over and control the function of the diseased side that has been removed.
Following the surgery, Cameron was completely immobilized for two days. She then underwent an intense four weeks of Physiotherapy and was able to walk out of the hospital. Her recovery is complete and she shows no signs of the drama surrounding health, apart from some loss of peripheral vision and a slight limp.
Cameron is now leading a normal life, has returned to school, and aspires to be a ballerina when she grows up.
Appearing on the TODAY Show, Cameron’s mother Shelly said “ I truly believe that miracles happen and my daughter Cameron is a walking example of that.”
The human brain is a remarkable organ and its ability to recover from an ordeal such as this can be only be described as truly amazing, as is the technology and knowledge of today’s medical profession.
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