Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Banking Dynasty Heir Curbs Plastic Waste Innovatively

David de Rothschild had two points to prove when he decided to build Plastiki, a catamaran made from some 12,000 odd plastic bottles.
The first point was to show the world that plastic, instead of being thrown away as dead waste, can be used in an eco-friendly manner. The second was to demonstrate his outside-of-the-box thinking. David sailed in his catamaran from San Francisco to Sydney, and was welcomed by Sydney people at Darling Harbour.
David has given new meaning to curbing plastic waste by making his voyage successful after facing some turbulence at Queensland. He has proved his point, that harmful waste can be eliminated in many new ways. The message is simple and straightforward: reduce waste, decrease carbon footprints and help nature.
One of the goals of his trip was to meet Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore and to discuss global waste issues with him. His state-of-the-art boat is on display for one month at ANMM (Australian National Maritime Museum).
This is one of the great initiatives taken by a high profile person to showcase and demonstrate how intuition, innovation and a fire in the belly can tackle any problem, big or small, and can help in fighting any global issue. I am sure his successful venture is going to motivate many others across the globe to try and mitigate the risk of global warming in various innovative ways.
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