Sunday, November 04, 2012

Man Charged For Sexually Assaulting Unconscious Girlfriend

A 51-year-old man in San Luis Obispo is being prosecuted for the shameful act he performed with his girlfriend in early 2009. The lady was at a later stage of cancer and nearing her death. The man, James Wayne Leach, was arrested by San Luis Obispo police and charged with the sexual assault of his girlfriend when she was unconscious. Leach will be tried for sex abuse as well as several other serious charges, including taking photographs of children and toddlers taking showers at public beaches.
Leach, who will be prosecuted on July 28th, was the sole caregiver for his ailing girlfriend when he had sex with her while she was unconscious, testified San Luis Obispo police detective Sue Mickel. But Leach didn't stop there: he also took  photographs of the act. His girlfriend died in June 2009.
I wonder how a man at such an age, acting as a caregiver to someone whom he claims to love, can perform such a hateful crime that no person, society or group in any nation of the world would accept. Can it be termed love in any manner? Does this man deserve the smallest bit of respect after doing this?
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