Sunday, September 23, 2012

WC2012 T20 Sri Lanka: India vs England: Match 10: India Not In A Safe Position Batting First

England won the toss and decided to send India to bat first. India was not at all in a comfortable position to present a challenging total till 17th over when all of a sudden Rohit Sharma decided to take all kind of risks on this earth and go for any type of shot whether prescribed in any book or not. At the end of 17 overs India were only 132 for the loss of 3 wickets with Dhoni and Rohit Sharma batting 0 and 31 runs respectively. At an average of 7.75 runs per over, it can not considered to be an impressive total and that too against a team like England.

Rohit playing at 33 made in 22 balls with 3 fours. Prior, India started their innings with Gambhir and Pathan when Pathan went off quite early in third over of the game at 8 made on 8 balls with 1 four in his pocket. He got clean bowled on the bowling of Finn. Next to go was Virat Kohli in 11th over of the game at his individual score of 40 made in 32 balls with 6 fours.

Gambhir got out on the last ball of 16th over when he got caught out by Kieswetter on the bowling of Finn at his score of 45 made in 38 balls with 5 fours. At the end of 18 overs India were 143 for 3 at an average of 7.94 runs per over. First ball of 19th over went for 2 runs, second too got the same treatment from Rohit Sharma for four. Third ball, no runs. Fourth ball, 1 run and India reached 150 score on the board. Fifth ball, again dot ball, no runs. Last ball went wide and then on the last ball 2 runs were taken thereby taking India score to 153 for 3 with last over to go.

Dhoni was on 9 with 1 four in 7 balls and Rohit Sharma was standing on 42 made in 29 balls with 4 fours. Last over, first ball from Dernbach was wide, next ball went for a six taking India's score to 160. The next one went for four taking India's score to 164. Third ball, 1 run and that brought Dhoni to bat. India 165. 3 balls to go.

Fourth ball, wide, India on 166. Fourth ball again, Dhoni got caught out by Hales giving Dernbach his first wicket of the game and bringing India to 166 for the loss of 4 wickets. Dhoni went off at his individual score of 9 runs made in 8 balls with 1 four. That brought in Suresh Raina for last 2 balls of the game. Next ball went wide and next to that gave 1 run to Raina. Last ball brought in 2 runs and India totalled to 170 runs.

England have to make 171 runs to win this match with an average of 8.5 runs per over. Rohit Sharma remained unbeaten on 55 off 33 balls with 5 fours and 1 six and also was the only half century maker in the game for India batting first.

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