Sunday, September 23, 2012

Appeal by Samsung in Higher court after losing USD 1 billion

A lower court has already given its verdict in favor of Apple when it appealed in the court against Samsung for copying the shape of their phone. The penalty is over a billion of USD that Samsung has to pay. Another appeal by apple could cost around 700 million USD for Samsung and for this reason it has decided to go against the decision of lower court and holding them culprit. They are filing a case against this verdict in a higher court with a logic that the the court did not get into the evidences and proofs before giving a verdict against Samsung and in favor of Apple and also penalizing Samsung for a hefty amount of USD 1.04 billion.

The fight is going on and if the same verdict comes from the higher court too that decides to penalize Samsung the total penalty will be q whooping amount of USD 1.75 billion for Samsung to pay off. Apple will be becoming richer by the same amount while Samsung profits could be getting affected due to this.

iCourt: Season 2? - Korea Times shared via

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