Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome To One Of The Most Livable Cities Of World

Melbourne is a place for organizing international festivals, conferences, games, exhibitions and summits. It is a place where nature and modernization shake hand in a well balanced manner. Melbourne International Film Festival, Spring Racing Carnival, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Writers Festival, Queen Victoria Market and a lot more activities (and places) keep this city highly busy throughout the year. Capital of state of Victoria, Melbourne is the city with highest population in the state. It is also second in most populated cities of Australia. 

Area of Melbourne (~8800 sq km) is a little more than the area of Delhi (~1490 sq km). Melbourne was founded in the year 1835. If you really want to see a mix of cosmopolitan, elegance and chic, a passionate city that welcomes one and all, a place that is open for anyone to come from any corner of the world to visit, a place where you visit during any time of the year and you have at least one (or even more) global events of repute happening; it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW! If you want to visit a city to witness world class architecture, to view series of streetscapes, to pass through lush green parklands, to enjoy vibrant colors of art and culture filled with lots of excitement; it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW!

If we go a little back in the history of Melbourne, there are certain amazing facts about this city and Victoria state. In late 1840s Queen Victoria declared Melbourne a city and at that time, it was the main hub for wool export. In early 1850s, Victoria came into existence when it was cut away from New South Wales. This not too populated place at that time had enormous inflow of travelers from various parts of the world especially from Europe and mainly via sea - who gradually decided to settle down there. It was mainly because of discovery of large bouts of gold here in mid 1850s and hence the place became a heaven for working men. Gradually Victoria was the richest state of Australia, grooming goldfields and lot of other industrial scope.

Some of the historical buildings that came into existence during that period and must be visited would be Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne Football Club, National Gallery of Victoria (1860s), Town Hall (construction started in 1860s and completed in 1880s), Royal Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG, first match was played here somewhere during 1870s), Royal Exhibition Building (came into existence in 1880s), Melbourne Chinatown.  In late 1880s and during 1990s, Victoria was most populated state of Australia, having huge scope of employment, and land prices soaring.

Melbourne hosted Olympics in 1956. Most of the modernization happened during 1980s when Westgate Bridge and Rialto Towers added honor to this city. Melbourne has been voted as 'Most Livable City' maximum number of times. It has been rated as the fasted growing cities in Australia. It is difficult to see  so many vibrant colors in a single city but if you really want to see a different color of romance, a different taste of coffee enjoy various cultural activities and sports at the same time;  it's your time to visit Melbourne NOW! 

Though the places to visit and activities to attend are enormous when you visit Melbourne, but to highlight a few (not in any order) would be:

  1. Cafes - Seven Seeds, 19 Squares, Earl Canteen, Big Mouth, Cowderoy's Dairy, Babble, Brunetti, La Belle Miette, Fandango, Koko Black; and many more
  2. Shopping - Melbourne Central, QV, GPO, Husk, Chido, Alice Euphemia, Retrostar, Shag etc.
  3. Art Galleries - Federation Square, National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI), Flinders Lane, Linden Arts Center, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Herring Island, Australian Center for Contemporary Art (ACCA) etc.
  4. Bars - Murmur, Biero Bar, The Old Bar, Kodiak Club, Bond Street Wine Bar, Alumbra, The Toff in Town, Southpaw, Rue Babelons, The Prince, Mr Corazon Tequilla Bar, The Order of Melbourne and many more...

This is not all about Melbourne. This is too little to explain about a place that is so vibrant, energetic, welcoming and fulfilling in all aspects. This is a city that has an appetite to entertain during any hours of the day. Here is a small video from Youtube about the 'Most Livable Cities across the Globe'

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