Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do You Have 2 Minutes: Just A Click To Save Rare Wildlife From Extinction

Do you have 2 minutes. I am asking nothing else from you for this noble cause. look at this video.

There is a global pledge for wildlife by WildAid ( to get it signed globally so as to draw attention of world leaders for increased efforts in ensuring wildlife protection and safety of wilderness areas.

Klout nad WildAid are jointly driving this campaign to gather as many signatures for stopping demand of products made out of wildlife. Simple philosophy is that millions of amount is spent every year for the protection of wildlife, but not even a small bit of attention is given in reducing or stopping the demand of products made out of wildlife.

Here is the campaign link that will not take more than your 2 minutes and nothing else from you except a small pledge. Have a heart, and 2 minutes to add yourself in the list of wildlife well wishers.

Join force with these global ambassadors to be part of this drive.

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