Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Kind Of Love Story

I was never comfortable with her. Most disturbing element in her was her eyes. Whenever we were together, it seems her eyes were never off from mine, not even a single blink. It appeared to me I was not passing through an x-ray machine but was constantly standing within the machine. And we all know how bad are the x-rays for health.

She was taller than me. When standing face to face, her neck used to be against my eyes. I guess my head would be opposite to her face. I was never sure while in front of her, whether to keep my head up, down or straight, when talking to her. Except the perfect and dangerous x-ray machine on her face, she used to carry quite a smiling face, otherwise. Sometimes, I guessed, her eyes are normal to everyone, except to me. I never understood, why I was afraid of those eyes too much but still loved to stand in front of her, talk to her, spend as much time as possible with her.

She was 2 years older than me, and my immediate boss in my company. I was about to be 25 next month. It was only two months I joined this multinational, but had established myself well and was most promising officer in her team. There used to be many instances when we had to be together - in meetings with customer, during project review, and a lot more. At times I had to be with her in her semi-partitioned cabin to brief her about the day to day progress of work.

How Nishu fell in love with Nisha shall be disclosed gradually... Keep an eye on both of them.... :)

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