Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Rise And Fall Of G4S

When a company opts for its own downfall in a most dramatic manner, it starts looking at the most serious things in life in the slightest way. Worldwide charging its customers with an enormous amount and providing substandard services - G4S has become an enemy of its own.

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It is surprising to know that the most prestigious contract that G4S got recently - the Olympics 2012 - has been taken up in quite a nonprofessional manner by them. It seems they forgot the figure of how many guards they were supposed to provide there and hence was in no mood to have a count on the actual stock of the situation before and even after signing the contract.  Nick Buckles - who thinks himself as a superhero, focuses more on jogging, sports, and media; rather than taking his business - or at least the most prestigious contracts in the organization - in a serious manner.

With a steep fall in its share price, losing contracts worldwide, what is next big thing going to happen to this company. Is this the final call? Has it touched its peak and now in on return path?

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