Sunday, July 01, 2012

Global Ad Analysis: Toshiba 3D Glasses Free TV - Fat Man

This ad from Toshiba for Toshiba 3D glasses Free TV distinctly speaks on its own. You are not required to read any caption, neither you need to read a paragraph on what is being intended to be conveyed. The ad displays a fat bellied man, having a glass of beer in his hand. In total there are 9 components being displayed in this ad and all components convey their message distinctly and loudly to its audience.

Components in the ad are:
1. A Cooler
2. A Toy Car
3. A Man
4. A Sofa
5. A Glass of Beer
6. A Vase
7. A Billiard ball
8. Blue Jeans worn by Fat Man
9. White T-Shirt worn by Fat Man

What is so distinctly said in this ad:
1. The difference in color of the eyes of man - one brown and other blue
2. The froth on top of beer in the glass
3. Belly bulging out
4. Completely fitted man on a large sized single sofa
5. bright orange color of Vase

The Ad agency is Spain's prestigious company Euro RSCG in Madrid. It's creative directors include Mariano Duhalde, Elchi Mendibil and Haitz Mendibil. Ernesto Soto is the copywriter whereas Art direction is by Hernan Rodriguez. Photograph is done by Coni Dietrich.

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