Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life Goes on Even In Overcrowded Metro In Delhi

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Delhi metro started with 4 coaches in the beginning but soon it became a showstopper at peak hours in soaring population scenario. Right now the situation is a bit confusing for Delhi metro riders. Like if you are standing at Rajiv Chowk waiting for a metro going towards Noida, and if by chance you are among the lot standing for the last couple of coaches - you have a fair chance of missing few turns as nobody there knows whether the next coming train would be 4 coaches or 6 coaches unless it arrives on the platform.

The moment a 4 coach train arrives at the platform and if it is the peak time hours - there is a big chance of a lot of people rushing towards the 3rd and 4th coach of the train to get in, those who were standing for the coach no. 5th and 6th. 

At times even if the guard is standing, people standing in queue forget everything and go mad to rush the moment train stops at the platform. Basically it depends on an individual to go mad with a mad in such situations or stay calm and let the mad person trying to create such chaos be ignored and isolated. Probably that would be the ideal situation one day when nobody rushes with an individual culprit trying to create a havoc and thereby creating an embarrassing situation for the wrongdoer.

From June, all the balance metro trains with 4 coaches will also be 6 coaches thereby accommodating more people at peak hours and also removing the confusion of 4-coach or 6-coach for next inbound train on the platform.

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