Monday, December 14, 2009

Where is Osama bin Laden? The Hunt Goes On

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, on his recent visit to Pakistan, clearly told Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani to take Osama "out". Gilani openly declined, stating that as per his intelligence of them is definitely right. But who? Only time will tell.

The question still remains – Where is Osama bin Laden? Is it possible for him to hide without the aid of local administration, the general public, or the government of whatever country in which he is hiding? The odds go more in favor of Osama hiding in Pakistan than in Afghanistan, with the reason being American troops have less accessibility there.

Is the U.S. government too ignorant to understand the dubious actions being taken by the Pakistani government in helping to find Osama? The ones in charge of that country for years now have just been a pack of placards in the hands of their army and terrorist groups.

After 2001 no exact location could be marked to assure that Osama is currently living there. But most of the indications go toward the extreme north of Pakistan, in tribal zones situated at Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Nothing is yet confirmed about his serious illnesses reported from time to time.

Logically, why can't the most suspected areas in Pakistan's frontier region be evacuated by local public via the administration there, and the area be bombed to finish the story once for all. Does it not show deep involvement of Pakistani support to Osama? And does it not prove the lack of proactive approach at Obama’s end?
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