Monday, December 14, 2009

2,600 Bodies Found in Kashmir Mass Graves

Kashmir – once known as the heaven on earth – is an integral part of India but always under dispute with its neighboring country Pakistan since independence.

At the time of independence Kashmir was divided in two parts – one with Pakistan is called PoK or Pakistan occupied Kashmir and the part with India is Kashmir. Last decade has witnessed the highest level of trouble and killings due to administrative powers getting weaker, militant powers getting stronger, high level of intervention by Pakistan and Indian Army given charge for providing stabilization in that area.

A recently concluded mission running for the last three years by the International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and justice came out with a research report that around 2600 bodies have been found in unmarked graves in India-controlled Kashmir. If one starts investigations and identification of these bodies it may take a longer period than it took to find them out.

Moreover it took three years to find out these graves but someone (a group of militants or army or some administrative authority) knowingly was doing it, killing and dumping bodies in graves. As per the report, more than 8000 people are missing, indicating similar kind of findings in near future.
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