Monday, December 14, 2009

Variety To Charge For Online Content

Variety, the Hollywood trade newspaper, has decided to provide their online contents only to paid subscribers. Though they have decided to do so in a phased manner, eventually all their content will be for paid subscribers only. This is in concert with recent News Corp and Microsoft attempts to take away free online stuff from Google's search engine, bring it to Bing only, and enable charging for the news online.

So far, the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times charge for their online contents while the New York Times still wants to take another shot at a TimesSelect-style paid model.

Sometimes it becomes frustrating to land on a page that shows a synopsis of the content you want, only to be told to pay for browsing through or downloading the complete information. These publications are gambling that people can’t live without the level of content they provide, and won't mind paying for it.
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