Monday, December 14, 2009

AT&T to Ditch Unlimited Data Plans for iPhones?

AT&T is the exclusive carrier for iPhone in the U.S. and is facing a tough task of bandwidth choking among its huge volume of iPhone users. The main reason of choking of bandwidth according to AT&T is heavy usage of video watching on iPhone that uses high bandwidth thereby resulting in poor response to other iPhone users trying to utilize the bandwidth.

Once a large chunk of people hook on to downloading or watching of high streaming videos on their iPhone, the other users start facing call failures, call dropping, connection delay, etc.

AT&T is not properly planned or equipped at the moment to handle these issues related to smart phone users. Neither had they planned so far to limit data usage on smart phones, nor have they provided their users with some kind of alert or information regarding high consumption of data.

All they say is that now after realization of such kind of flaws in their system they plan to take action in this regard in a phased manner, which might include charging for heavy data usage.
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