Monday, December 14, 2009

Space-Based Solar Plant Planned For California

Billed to be the first of its kind, a renewable energy contract on a space based solar project has been approved by the California Public Utilities Commission. This 15-year commercial contract has been awarded to California’s Solaren Corporation by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. In an effort to "go green" and by going in line with the executive order released by governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, which clearly outlines target of achieving 33 percent of their energy to be renewable, this seems to be a reasonably good move in that direction.

The contract, effective in 2016, will enable PG&E to produce around 1,700 gigawatt-hours of energy per annum. Though it is bound to face a considerable number of technological and regulatory issues, all involved are quite hopeful about the adherence of this plan for setting up the new plant and supply of energy in the next six to seven years.
We can see there is a worldwide effort to go as green as possible. First it was Japan's solar power station plans, and now this move in California clearly indicates a promising global pattern.
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