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The cover of Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma indicates it is a monthly publication. So, after grabbing May 2021 edition, I am now waiting for the next editions. Wondering why the June 2021 edition is not yes out? Well, this book is an altogether different from the regular kind of stuff like fiction, non-fiction, romance, action, suspense, and so on. It's something quite exclusive for bloggers, first. Secondly, it gives good insights of the tools and techniques a blogger would need to enhance his her presence and readability online. So, it talks about content, content creation, content publishing, content promotion, etc. in a very organized manner. Overall, there are 26 lessons for bloggers from bloggers life itself. There are very important tips, tools and techniques explained in this book that will be helpful for any blogger of any kind and bringing to any category.

Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma #tbrchallenge #bookreview #books #bookchatter #blogchatterebook @wigglingpen

Effectively, these lessons in Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma are based on the successful achievements of Bloggers in this cutthroat market of content where despite creating best of the content, some bloggers are never able to climb up the ladder of success. It means creating good content is important, but it's not everything in terms of skills you have. There's a lot more that is ought to be for a blogger that this book has a power to deliver. There are a lot of misconceptions about bloggers in the society. Similarly, there are different categories of Bloggers. There are bloggers who create their content just for fun with no intentions of gaining popularity/fame, barter, money, or fans/followers/readers. Shelf life of such bloggers might be very short usually as they don't have any growth plans, aspirations, or goals.

Blogging is a kind of art and any artist would always want fans, fame, popularity, following, demand, and a handsome gratification in kind or cash. If you as a passionate blogger believe in this, then Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma is definitely for you. This book will tell you why 'About Me' section is very important, and it guides you to create the right chords to gain an instant connect with your readers. That helps in connecting you with right kind of readers and collaborate with peer bloggers having same niche.
We always promise each other to help and grow together, but there comes a situation when community members are stuck in some legal bonds and not able to share the collaboration details, it doesn’t mean we don’t trust each other. But, there are people like in every industry, who love to grab all opportunities for sharing theirs.
Blogging is not just having your own website, as mentioned it’s really important t have great content on your blog, equally important is its marketing. Being in a digital world, marketing needs to be digitally on social media platforms.
So, in case you are a blogger wanting to know about blogging in a holistic and wholesome manner, then this useful book is Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma is good to go for without any delay. 

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  1. I am feeling so great and proud that you selected my book to review!! I loved this Thanks!!


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