Thursday, June 24, 2021

Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe #bookchatter #bookreview #books @AdisJournal #tbrchallenge

India is incredible. There's no doubt about that. If I start preparing my bucket list for my incredible India, it would never end. The reason is each place is so unique and beautiful that even after visiting there, it agains jumps back into my bucket list. That's what incredible India is. And then there are so many places that I have not yet visited. Thanks to Aditya Sathe for bringing out this fabulous book Incredible India Bucket List which is in fact a book that has found permanent place in my digital library. It is something that I can read any number of times and every time it brings a different set of memories of the place is visited already or a new set of wishes for the places not yet visited. The author has compiled 26 places to visit in this list.

Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe #bookchatter #bookreview #books @AdisJournal

I am sure it would have been quite difficult to zero down on just 26 out of thousands of fabulous places to visit in India. Reading this book during the pandemic was a good thing to re-energize and cheer up. There was a high level of curiosity while starting the book to see how many places would I have already visited that are covered in this book Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe. Frankly speaking, this book has given me a lot of new information about the places I have never visited or even never heard of. Sometimes, I feel pity on myself for not knowing my own country so well. Despite calling myself a travel enthusiast. Well, that's where such books become handy to enhance your knowledge about various places in incredible India. For instance, I never knew about Airavatesvara Temple, Darasuram, Thanjavur, Karnatak.

The best part of this book Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe I liked is it not only is telling about a place but also the rich history behind it. That's not found generally in many of the travel books I have read. This makes it more interesting and worth reading. But the way, who knows about 'singing steps' at this beautifully crafted Airavatesvara Temple? I have been to the Cellular Jail and visited it thoroughly. It was good to see it getting a place in this book. It's a must visit place, indeed. In fact, every place covered in this book is fascinating. Dharur Fort in Latur district of Maharashtra is again something I never knew about. One more interesting thing I have found in this book is its versatility in covering various places. From forts to caves, from caves to temples, and to jail and church.

Finally, I would admit that Incredible India Bucket List by Aditya Sathe has good amount of information about 26 excellingly great places to visit and it's a kind of complete coverage that makes it very interesting and engrossing. I found it quite useful, good, and worth reading. I would recommend it to all travel enthusiasts to visit each place virtually and get refreshing breathe about incredible India. 

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  1. You have so carefully explained the book and also what you liked most about it personally. I need to download Aditya's book too.

  2. Nice review. I've just gone ahead and downloaded the book. Thanks


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