Sunday, December 29, 2019

Ujda Chaman - One of the Best Quirky And Witty Movies of 2019

This clearly shows the downside of media. Look at the ratings for this movie Ujda Chaman given by the media like India Today, Times of India, NDTV, Filmibeat, and News18 to name a few. All these have given a low rating (below 3). I doubt if any of these esteemed reviewers from these so-called renowned publications really watched this movie. Another doubt I have about these people is if their respective family members actually agree to the low rating give by them to this movie. This kind of reviewers rate just for the sake of gaining attention and popularity. Another reason could be they were not thrown a cocktail party that allures them to give unreasonably high ratings to many movies. These are all biased and unreal reviews in my opinion. All their language used for the review is old and repetitive. Do they really deserve to review?


Now, look at the other end. The ratings of Ujda Chaman are pretty high on IMDB, Google, BookMyShow, etc. given by the actual moviegoers who watched, liked, and rated the movie. All these real reviews' collective rating is 4 or above. Who will you believe? The former print media reviewers who I doubt if actually even watched the movie. Or the latter real people like you and me who watched Ujda Chaman with their families enjoyed it thoroughly and rated it genuinely. I loved the movie for many reasons. It's well scripted. The actors have done an excellent job especially Manvi Gagroo in her lead role as Apsara Batra. Sunny Singh as Chaman Kohli was no less in delivering his part as the lead opposite to Manvi. Both have done a tremendously good job. Ujda Chaman, I feel, should be shown in every school and college.

The movie Ujda Chaman, in my opinion, is one of the best quirky and witty movies of 2019 with a great message to the youth of our country. In fact, it has a great message for everyone. It's is a fun-filled movie. A must watch. I would rate it 4.5 out of 5. I feel, nowadays, people pay more attention and give more weightage to genuine reviews than those published on print media.

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