Sunday, June 05, 2016

#LoveChallenge The Love With Her Is As Young As It Was at First Sight

First time when I saw her, I was just 4 or 5, don't remember exactly now. Her feet were touching mine. She was not fair in color as me. In fact, she was black. So black that I had to break my head in identifying how she looked like. She was just mimicking me, I don't for fun or if she had something else in her mind. I stopped walking and she also would stop. I started walking and she also would start walking. She was like a magician. She had an art of changing directions while walking. Sometimes she would walk in front, sometimes at my back. But she never left me during the day. When I ran, she ran along with me. When I bent, she bent along with me.

Whatever I was doing, she was doing ditto the same. One more thing that I noticed is that she could become taller, shorter, or equal to my size. Initially I was afraid to see this but then I started enjoying it. This was my first day with her and I enjoyed a lot playing with her throughout the day. I ran, stopped, walked, bent, rolled, somersaulted, danced, jumped, and did what not, to see her doing the same.

That night was very tough for everyone at home.

The moment I reached home after playing outside, it was almost sunset time. The lights inside the house were being switched on one by one as it had started getting dark outside. I got worried for a while when I found my new friend missing but soon I found her. She was around. I was happy. I found myself a little passionate myself towards her. Probably l had fallen in love with her. This is what I learned later when I grew up. I also learned later that it was the first love of my life. That night, after we finished dinner etc. and it was time to go to bed, the lights were switched off. I looked around and could not find her. And I started crying. I didn't know her name still. It was shocking that we stayed together all day but we didn't talk. In fact, I had tried talking to her but there was no response from her side. That night I didn't let anybody switch off the light as I could see her around only then.

This love remained intact and is as young as it was that day even today. I know her well now. I know I exist till she exists. The day she vanishes from my life in light will bring total dark forever. The love that started with her at first sight is still intact. She gave me company throughout like nobody else could have given. She stayed with me all the time. She has been a courage for me. She is my inspiration. She is a promise to stay with me forever irrespective of others come and go. I have her in my life. She is my shadow. I still remember the first day I recognized her fell in love with her, and probably I became her shadow since then.

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