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10 Apps for Kids Available on Windows Store

Summer vacations are already started a couple of weeks back and are there till the end of this month. We would be discussing 10 apps for kids available on windows store to enhance their learning, creativity, and productivity. Children belonging to digital age would already have a lot of agenda on their cards to finish during this vacation. Enjoyment, learning, and fun would be almost on the top of the chart of agendas of almost every kid. These apps will help parents also to keep their kids engaged in some interesting activities rather than spending time in wasteful activities. So, perpetually these apps will not only add fun and learning but also assist them in their home work, project work, holiday planning and more. Mind it, these apps are for Windows platform. For other platforms you will have to find their alternatives.

Here are the 10 apps for kids available on windows store:

Spelling Tutor: Spelling Tutor is for grade school students but engaging enough for their parents too. Kids and their parents can both learn and practice new words, their pronunciations, spellings, using this application. This app will inspire you to go on and on as learning can go endlessly.

Kiddo Smart: This new and innovative app is designed to develop young minds with the help of more than 50 thousand learning activities, games, and videos. The process of development is designed to take place in a personalized manner for all age group kids. Kids and parents can monitor the development with respect to other kids by age and country.

Fresh Paint: Fresh paint can unleash Picaso hidden inside your child. It provides an fabulous canvas for your child to design their brilliant ideas in the most creative manner. This work can be converted to photos to build your own collection of creativity.

KidsTube – Fun and Learn: KidsTube has a huge collection of high-quality videos for kids for a great learning experience. The collection includes Sofia, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake the Pirate, Doc McStuffins, and more from Disney shows, Curious George, Peppe Pig, Cat in Hat, Sesame Street, Wild Krats, and a lot more. There are separate categories of Rhymes, Stories, and Animated Series.

Exercises for Kids: This app is designed to help children develop rapid thinking, creativity, coordination, in various manners with the help of memory games, puzzles, connect the dots, geometric shapes etc. This creative learning game is segmented in various educational activities and appears as if multiples apps have been bundled in a single app.

Madagascar Math Ops: This app mixes the challenge of video games with the challenge of mathematical issues. You will find penguins from DreamWorks animated motion picture Madagascar featured in this game. The game brings a versatile range of basic arithmetic puzzles (division, multiplication, addition, subtraction) where the complexity increases as the kid clears the previous levels. When a math problem is is completed, the kid gets to tackle a few action oriented mini-games.

Sway: Sway helps your kids present their homework in an interesting and berautiful manner. It is a digital storytelling app for home, school, and work to provide quick and easy solution to build and share presentations, interactive reports, personal stories etc. Once the kid adds his or her content, Say takes care of the rest in a meaningful manner.

Pocket Mathematics: Pocket Mathematics is a good option for children to get help in their mathematics homework. The app can help them in finishing their mathematics problems in quick and accurate manner. It manages most of the mathematical formulas with appropriate details and images. The app will help you in all kind of mathematical problems and is equally suitable for university students as it is for primary school kids.

Homework On Bing: The app will help kids with their homework as and when required. This is a go to app. The app searches efficiently with integrated Bing search engine providing solution on a well designed art board. It also helps kids in learning handwriting, word search, phonics, counting, clock, tracing, word scramble, spelling, grammar, calendar, etc.

MyHomeWork: This is another app to help students with a digital planner to keep track of their classes, tests, projects, homework and so on in order to assist them in increasing their productivity and efficiency. It is available on various platforms. Although we have discussed multiple applications for homework but all have different functionality and usage thus complementing each other.
10 Apps for Kids Available on Windows Store

My Travel Buddy: Let us move on to vacations. My Travel Buddy assists you in various ways to manage you are out on vacations. It helps you in planning, managing and controlling by preparing checklist, create notes, give reminders and alerts, help in suggesting items you might need for traveling, and Aviary Photo Taker is there to get your pictures with a fantastic results.

10 Apps for Kids Available on Windows Store

TripIt: TripIt app also helps you in planning & managing your itinerary, flights, car, map, hotels, directions – in fact, what all you can think of during traveling. The travel plans can be easily synced with your mobile or online calendar. You can share your itinerary & travel plans on various social media platforms. The app helps you stay connected all the time.

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