Monday, June 20, 2016

Hotels in Matheran are Easy and Profitable to Book

Matheran is a quite popular hill station in Maharashtra. If you have to find hotels in Matheran, it can be a problem if you are going there for the first time. It is always advisable to do a good amount of research for the places where you are going for the first time. Whenever I am going to any location for the first time, I try to find out as much information online as possible to ensure that I am not landing there without any knowledge about the place. The life and lifestyle have changed tremendously. Today's lifestyle is not as relaxed as it used to be a decade back. We are in a fast forward mode most of the time now. The tasks in hand are more than the time we have. That kind of situation demands a highly reliable website where you can find comprehensive, trustworthy, and time-tested information that you can follow blindfolded.

Matheran is situated on the Western Ghats and is the smallest hill station in India in size. It is 800 meters above sea level. Matheran is less than 100 km from Mumbai and around 120 km from Pune. The best way to reach there is by road. It's proximity to many cities around makes it quite popular and easy-to-access destination among the residents of Maharashtra. Even it is popular among tourists visiting Maharashtra. Matheran is a favorite weekend destination around. Matheran means “forest on the forehead”. It has been declared as an eco-sensitive region by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. It is a unique hill station in Asia being the only automobile-free area.

If I have to visit a new location for a vacation, my first preference will be to search for the best hotels in that area so that the family enjoys most and stays comfortably. For finding Hotels in Matheran, it is important to find them by star rating. At Cleartrip, I could easily find Matheran hotels by star rating along with the number of hotels in each category available. There are 5 hotels in 3-star category, 7 hotels in 2-star category and 2 hotels in 1-star category.

Hotels in Matheran are Easy and Profitable to Book

If you want to locate hotels by area, it is easy to find here. The are 2 hotels in Alexander Point, 6 hotels in Bazaar Peth, 5 in Charlotte Lake, 2 on Charlotte Lake Road, 5 on Chinoy Road, 2 are on Maulana Azad Road, and so on. This is what made me fall in love with Cleartrip. The clarity, precision and simplicity with which the required information has been presented are really praiseworthy. It shows the attitude of getting into customer's shoes and then assessing the standard and design of the relevant pages for providing information to the customer. The search phenomenon is not yet over on the site as many people would like to search for hotels by a chain. This is also available there. And finally, if you want to find hotels in Matheran by property type, that provision is also there. There are 2 properties in resorts category, 1 property is in bed & breakfast category and 1 property falls under heritage hotels. That is the beauty of the to provide best of the information with most professional, efficient and precise manner in best possible way.

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