Monday, May 16, 2016

The TeaBook Launches Collect Teables in Artistically Drawn Tea Wrappers

The TeaBook Collect Teables – Agatha Chris Tea, ShakeSpearMint & more

If you are art and tea lover you must get your collection of The TeaBook's Cllect Teables that is an exclusive range of fine teas packages inside artistically drawn limited edition of tea wrappers. These Collect Teables promise to be delicious. As these are limited run teas in artistically drawn foils, you will need to hurry to buy your collection. With these Collect Teables from The TeaBook, you can fill your TeaBook with a number of unique and fun varieties available online. I received ShakeSpearmint (mint tea) and AgathaChrisTea (earl grey tea) to try and must admit that right from the concept to packing to taste, it is unique and fabulous in every aspect. It is the first time I am not consuming all and keeping half of the collection for display for its uniqueness and artistic touch. The nomenclature of each variety itself speaks a lot about the motive behind creating this unique collection.

“Tea is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored.” - Agatha Chris Tea

The TeaBook aims to launch a new themed series of Collect Teables every month on the names of musicians, politicians, philosophers, celebrities, or even animals. What a unique and exciting idea it is. Each series of teas will be drawn by a different person (or animal) in a unique style. If you subscribe, you will be receiving a new themed series of tea every month. It is a perfect idea not only for your personal collection but also for gifting it to your family members or friends. The TeaBook thus brings a revolutionary way to store, share and serve tea with the launch of Collect Teables. 

The TeaBook Launches Collect Teables in Artistically Drawn Tea Wrappers

The tea foils, with Collect Teables, will never be boring. The front of each Tea Wrapper contains the title and type of tea packed inside that is the minimum labeling required by the U.S. FDA. Besides this there will be the artist's signature on the wrapper. The reverse of each foil will have a fun-filled, slightly modified quote related to the tea. In addition to this there is the usual (generic) information that you would expect to find on any tea foil.

The TeaBook Collect Teables - “To tea or not to tea...” ShakeSpearmint

Don't forget to check other authors like Mark Twainquility (Chamomile flavor) and CeryanTeas (Chai) along with many more to be launched in the coming months. The motive behind this launch is to bring these amazing authors back to daily life of their fans and supporters for which you will have to order your own set of Collect Teables from The TeaBook. These are zero waste products and are shipped box-less in order to reduce waste in shipping and packaging but without compromising with the quality or delivery of the product. 

The TeaBook Launches Collect Teables in Artistically Drawn Tea Wrappers

The whole concept of TeaBook is fabulous. It is an artistically designed, chic, stylish, and lightweight book designed in such a way to share shelf space with your favorite cookbooks or to be kept gracefully on your tea table. Once someone opens it, there will be well crafted pages holding 144 different varieties of teas with each tea in a perfect view. This way, each guest and family member can select their own choice of tea just by flipping the desired page instead of settling on whatever tea is there on the top of tea tin. With this unique concept there is no further digging through the tea box, tea drawer or tea cabinet required. Let it be every tea lover's cup of tea. 

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