Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spy From Unaula by Alok Kumar – Book Review – A Life Size Journey

Spy From Unaula by Alok Kumar is a life size journey of many characters of the story. The book seems to be more like a memoir of portraying the complete life of author's father Ram Chandra Prasad. The story is well crafted and woven in a fluent way that keeps you engaged to its characters. “What next?” keeps popping in mind while turning pages of this engrossing story. The story is about love and care of an elder brother for his younger one who does everything possible to fulfill latter's dream of studying and becoming a substantial human being in life. The story is about an elder brother's motivation to his younger brother to do whatever he wants to do in life to become a better person and achieve new heights that none in the family ever dreamt of. The story is about how selfishness becomes prominent in a family lacking proper education. The story is about how a man kept struggling in his life to achieve his goals and his elder brother's wish to become an officer. 

Spy From Unaula by Alok Kumar – Book Review – A Life Size Journey

I liked the way Spy From Unaula by Alok Kumar has been crafted to well building up the life of its main character Ramchandra from nowhere to substantial heights. The way Ram's struggle has been portrayed in his village at his childhood in an urge to study, his running away from home because his father decides to marry him with an illiterate girl, none of the family members supporting him except his elder brother are engrossing. Ram's struggle with various situations while staying in Mumbai will keep you engaged while building up hopes that some day Ram would be out of his bad time of life to restart his studies to fulfill his dream. But that does not happen in Mumbai and gradually after spending few years there he plans to move to Delhi to try his luck, find out some suitable job, and probably be able to start his studies. Destiny had something else in store for him. He reaches Agra and becomes a rickshaw puller. Despite all agonies and setbacks in life, he never gives up and continues his craving for studies that he finally is able to achieve.

Overall Spy From Unaula by Alok Kumar is a fabulous read for many reasons. It has many life lessons that emerge out of the story. I would rate it 4.5 out of 5 for its well crafted story and superbly evolving characters as you turn pages while the story matures up after initial few chapters. The rhythm is well maintained and so is the momentum and pace. It breaks the barrier between fiction and non-fiction.

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