Sunday, May 01, 2016 – First Marketplace for Regional Food Specialties – First Marketplace for Regional Food Specialties is the first Indian marketplace for specialty ethnic, Indian, and regional foods. The concept is quite clear and simple. All food products listed here are brought directly from the genuine producer and then is delivered direct to the end-consumer. There are many benefits to it. First, all producers are thoroughly scanned before getting them on board. Second, the middle layers between sellers and buyers are removed thereby passing on the cost benefit to the end consumer. The name itself is so justified to its concept.

Foodies, be in any corner of the country, would appreciate the concept of passing the benefit to the end consumer without any compromise with the quality, delivery, and authenticity of the products. Best thing is you get all things at one place without bothering about going place to place to find several products you need. With an offer of free delivery, it is good to note that whether you are buying products in bulk or in small quantity, it does not matter as there is no additional cost for delivering your desired products at your doorstep. On top of it, it saves a lot of time if you have to go to your nearest marketplace and buy these products from various shops. Probably, you won't find all products in a single marketplace. – First Marketplace for Regional Food Specialties

There is a wide variety of chocolates being offered by The chocolate range includes milk chocolate, gluten free chocolate, organic chocolate, chocolate bars, raw cacao, dark chocolate, vegan chocolate, truffles, fruit nut chocolates, cacao tea, and a lot more. There are chocolates in trendy shapes like the one I liked most is Apricot & Nut Ladoo from Earthloaf Chocolate. A special care has been taken for diabetics. There is Moddys Belgian sugar-free chocolate box from Moddys Ooty Chocolates company. – First Marketplace for Regional Food Specialties

You get hefty discounts on chocolates on For instance Mason & Co. the artisanal chocolate company from Auroville is giving 70% discount on many of its products. The company sources cocoa beans from certified organic farmers. Overall, ensures uncompromising quality, best of the products, and a high level of commitment towards end consumer.

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