Saturday, February 13, 2016

Music Has No Language Barrier, No Religion and No Boundaries

Music has no language barrier. It needs no translation.

Music has no religion. In fact, it unites people from various religions.

Music has no boundaries. It has wings to fly. It has the height that nobody can surpass.

Music has no language barrier. It is the most effective natural therapy. It heals your heart and soul in a most significant manner. Music has no religion. You look at music as a universal and pure entity. Music has no boundaries. It has wings. It spreads like anything. Music can create momentum, stir, energy and synergies. Music has the power to sync you with the supreme power. It syncs your heart and soul. It purifies. There would be no person on this earth who would be not in love with music. It is said that the creators of music stay quite near to the god. There is music for everyone. It has a huge variety. Music has tremendous power. It can change your bad mood to good. It can rejuvenate you. It can refresh your heart and soul. It can soak your pains.

Music Has No Language Barrier, No Religion and No Boundaries
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Music speaks only one language and that is the language of love. Music is always constructive. It builds. It creates bindings. It soothes. If we observe closely, everything in life has rhythm.Without rhythm nothing works. Let us look at few examples of rhythm. A clock works in a rhythmic manner. The solar system has a rhythm. Heartbeat work on rhythms. In fact, our thought process also is a rhythmic process. Music is the most innovative rhythmic process. For every good thing in our life, we need music. Music is important for festivals and celebrations. To celebrate the arrival of a newborn we play music. The newborn plays his own music with his first cry. That cry probably is the most soothing sound at that moment that melts down in our ears. Music has a close relationship with the inhaling and exhaling process. Some people inhale music. They get energized by listening to music. Some people exhale music. The musicians, instrument player, singers, artists, all fall into this category. But it is an important fact that everyone needs music in life. The taste may vary. The frequency may vary but its importance is never getting insignificant. It is always a prime requirement of life.

Music Has No Language Barrier, No Religion and No Boundaries
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The importance of ears can’t be ignored. Music is to ears is like food is to mouth. Food goes into our body and burns down to give us energy. Music goes into our heart and soul and instantly fuels life in us. Music has no language barrier and it doesn’t need any Music has no language and there is no need for it. Music has no religion and there is no power in any religion to limit it to that extent. Music has no boundaries and nobody has any power to do so. Such is the power of music. Such is the impact of music in each individual’s life.

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