Thursday, February 18, 2016

Manager 2016 and Beyond: Key Traits To Survive

There are some unique key traits required for manager 2016 and beyond

These key traits for Manager 2016 and beyond have to be adhered to survive

Ultimately it will be survival of the fittest in case of manager 2016 and beyond

Manager 2016 and beyond – key traits to survive is a guideline for survival. In the changing dynamics of global markets and increasing expectations, it is going to be tough for a manager to survive unless they change with the time. Being adaptable is the key to surviving. Survival of the fittest is a universal truth and is more applicable to the current scenario. In next five years, there will be a complete paradigm shift in the roles of a manager. As it is said – A kingdom is as good as its king, it works well in case of a manager. The moment you have equally good or better person in the team, he or she qualifies to become a manager. It does not mean that you have to keep underperforming people in your team. Obviously, that will impact highly on your own performance. After all, you have to ensure a continuous improvement in the team and more in you. The approach has to stay focused and dynamically changing.

Manager 2016 and Beyond: Key Traits To Survive
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The overall success of any project depends completely on net performance of the team. Excelling of a single person in the team will never suffice the purpose. It is not a question of a number of specialist batsmen of bowlers in the team. Everyone has to perform equally with vigour to do better than others. That way the minimum level of performance keeps rising thus enhancing your own productivity. As we all know that there are multiple stakeholders in a project. Similarly there are multiple teams working on a project. These multiple teams are governed by some universal rules and regulations.

Manager 2016 and Beyond: Key Traits To Survive
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At the same time, there are some individual team’s goals that impact heavily within the team and across the teams. The function of each unit working on a project equally partners the success or failure of a project. No project fails due to a single person or a single factor. It is always a chain reaction. One single person not performing in the team can be covered with the help of others. But if you are the top of the ladder of your team as a manager, then you have you must ensure not becoming the singular factor for sinking of your Titanic. That attitude and carefulness will enable you to stay as a Manager 2016 and beyond. You have to build your own key traits depending on the surrounding conditions.

Manager 2016 and Beyond: Key Traits To Survive
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Sustenance and analytics are important these days. You have to have realistic data of your project progress. Nothing works in the air these days. Everything has to be concrete and for that, you need data for every step of your project. Manager 2016 and beyond has to ensure to look into the analytics based on this data. These key traits are important to survive, sustain and move ahead.

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