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5 Traits Of A Good Manager

5 Traits of a good manager to stay good

Traits of a good manager are about how to stay good

5 traits of a good manager – what is good and what is bad

5 Traits Of A Good Manager
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5 Traits of a good manager are about the traits that a good manager can’t afford to live without. It is important to follow these traits and imbibe them in your professional life. It will definitely help you to stay and grow in your position. Let us look at these traits below:

Action packed: A manager has to be action packed. This is the primary demand of his role. Without action, nothing moves. The action here doesn’t mean similar to an action packed movie. The action here means to resolve any issue in a timely manner. It is important to resolve the things as soon as they arise. It is good to anticipate things well in advance. Before a problem arises or becomes a critical issue, it is good to anticipate it and find out a solution. Mitigating a risk is more important than anticipating a risk. Otherwise, it has no meaning. In fact, all efforts go waste. Anticipating a risk is of no use if you don’t prepare your team to mitigate it.

5 Traits Of A Good Manager
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Multitasker: As a good manager you have to be a multitasker – doing many things at the same time. To be a good multitasker you have to ensure that success happens without any compromise. It means that even if you are doing too many things at the same time, success in one can’t vouch for the failure in other. It has to be a success in all the tasks you are performing.

Perfect Seller: You don’t need to be crooked. You need to be smart. To adopt these 5 traits of a good manager you have to be introspecting things around you at a regular frequency. You have to be a perfect seller. You must be able to convince others about your work, your team and yourself. You must be able to sell a candle in a bright daylight. You must be able to sell an umbrella in the desert where there is no rain at all.

5 Traits Of A Good Manager
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Motivator: It is not about others but including you. To be a good motivator you have to start the technique on you. If you are able to motivate yourself then it will be easy for you to motivate others. But if you don’t succeed in former, success in latter is a little dicey.

Achiever: You have to be an achiever. To achieve, you have to perform and let others perform. To let others in the team to perform you need to provide them ample space and air. It is important for others to feel responsible. Everyone has to be realized that the success depends on each of the team members. You must get addicted to success in such a manner that you and your team become a team of zero faults.

I am sure these 5 peppy traits to become a good manager will help you in all streams of your life.

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