Sunday, February 07, 2016

LTO 7 Ultrium Tape Drive with 15 TB Capacity from HP Enterprise

HP Enterprise StoreEver LTO 7 has 15 TB capacity

Will LTO7 from HPE be able to take the top slot in storage?

Currently, HPE is on 2nd position in backup solutions, acquired within a short span of few years

HP Enterprise (HPE) has acquired the second position in backup solution within a short span. With the launch of LTO7, it aspires to achieve the number one position thus surpassing EMC. The top slot is currently held by EMC. When HP entered the storage solutions market, it started from the bottom of the ladder with so many players above it. Within a short span, it has acquired the second slot. The credit goes to its innovative solutions and a strict roadmap. The roadmap for LTO 8, LTO 9 and LTO 10 is clearly defined and the teams are working on it accordingly. HPE LTO 7 has a capacity of 15 TB (Terabytes). This is the compressed data capacity. The uncompressed or raw data capacity is 6.5 TB. This is a tremendous achievement by HPE by launching an unbeatable and versatile fantastico solution in backup and storage. HPE StoreEver is the latest entrant in the race. A single cartridge of LTO 7 can store up to 15 TB of compressed data. This is, in reality, a dream come true for storage hungry corporate. The solution is obviously a boon for media, entertainment and streaming businesses.

LTO 7 Ultrium Tape Drive with 15 TB Capacity from HP Enterprise
Photo credit: Waleed Alzuhair via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA

HPE has launched its seventh generation external storage product with the release of StoreEver LTO Ultrium 15000 external tape. As is evident, that increase in capacity helps technology in many ways. It reduces the physical storage requirement for tapes. The management becomes easier. The capacity increase helps you in using lesser number of tapes for the same amount of data. The security gets enhanced due to the decrease in the number of tapes. With the increase in manageability, it also helps in easier sorting and labelling. And on top of it, if there is a list of fantastico features that enhance your performance, there is nothing like it. The LTO 7 comes with an intelligent solution for incremental backup. Its deduplication feature ensures only the unique data gets backed up. Every bit of data that is backed up gets encrypted using AES 256-bit. This ensures a high level of safety and security of your data even if gets lost or reaches in wrong hands. HPE StoreOpen comes with LTFS (Linear Tape File System) feature and hardware data encryption. LTFS ensures ease and comfort in using the media for backups along with providing high-speed performance. The life of stored data is higher as compared to its earlier variants. This keeps the health and quality of backed up data intact for a longer duration. Overall, HPE StoreEver is an ultimate and fantastico solution for businesses.

HPE LTO 7 has an inbuilt solution for security and protection of the business sensitive data that is stored. LTFS is an open form format file system has a feature of file-based and self-describing storage mechanism. The HPE StoreEver backup solution is a fantastico solution in all aspects of a backup solution.

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