Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kesha Pop Star Loses Lawsuit Battle against Dr Luke

Kesha, the pop star, loses legal bid filed against top producer Dr Luke

Pop star Kesha lost a bid to be freed from contract with Dr Luke

Kesha claimed to be drugged and sexually assaulted by Dr Luke

Pop star Kesha had filed a lawsuit against top producer Dr Luke for harassing her mentally, drugging and sexually assaulting. She lost her bid to be freed from contract him. Her claims have been put void by the court. She was seen in tears sitting among the courtroom audience when the verdict was declared in favour of Dr Luke. She is a platinum-selling pop singer. She said the battle does not end here. She will try her best to cancel the contract with him, she added. The battle is yet to be over. This is just a bad milestone that has gone against her. Dr Luke is a top producer in the music industry. He clearly repudiated Kesha’s claims. He reported that she is spreading these baseless rumours just to duck her contract she has signed for him. The fight will keep going in New York even if Kesha has been denied the results in her favour in the court. There are already two more lawsuits in the pipeline. These lawsuits have been filed in Tennessee and California.

Kesha Pop Star Loses Lawsuit Battle against Dr Luke
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At the time of declaration of the verdict in the courtroom, Kesha was seen in tears. She left the court immediately after the verdict that when in favour of Dr Luke. She refused to make any comments on the result. There were a large number of her fans gathered outside the court. She spent a little time with them, hugged a few and then left the place. In the music industry, this is not the first case of an artist and a producer that has come into limelight. There has been plenty of similar kind in its long history. Kesha called Dr Luke a monster in her swearing statement in August in the courtroom. She explained how Dr Luke raped her after seducing her with a pill that was given to her intentionally. She claimed that she was forced to lose her weight to an extent where she was not allowed to take solid food for over a week. Her career was threatened to be spoiled when she tried to resist against all this. All this developed a series of disorders and mental restlessness that even provoked her to skip meals and even suicide. She was admitted to a rehabilitation centre in 2014.

I am not sure what next step Kesha will take after losing her case in the Supreme Court. Who is right and who is wrong, is still to be ascertained? On one hand there are claims by Kesha. On the other hand, Dr Luke claims the singer is trying to build pressure so that he lets her out of her contract. Navigation of the complete journey of Kesha and Dr Luke is required to find out the reasons behind claims and counterclaims.

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