Monday, February 29, 2016

Fuelled by Love and Compassion You Can Win Every Customer And Battle

Marketing and Service fuelled by love and compassion is quite important

It is quite important for marketers to be more authentic and show people behind the brand. People are the main key. People build relationships, grow them strong, generate power and lead towards success. Everything has to be fuelled by love and compassion. When people in your team are heartwarming, it impacts a lot on the overall growth of the organization. When organizations grow, people working in it automatically grow. A marketer must have a capability of creating a deep bond with its people working in the organization and people who consume its service or the product.

Fuelled by Love and Compassion – Two Powerful Tools for Marketers

If you look at this video above, you will understand what I am trying to say. It is so touching that it wet my eyes. It creates a big picture right in the beginning. It is beyond generic marketing tactics played by marketers. The message is clear quite loudly. It talks about love. There is an element of love with the country where you work. There has to be a deep bond created with the place where you work and the people around. Few messages are wonderfully driven in this video. The heart has a big role to play in whatever you do. If you love your work and people availing your services you get a signal of everyone loving back. In this video we see Helena Flynn, 23 working with British Airways. Since she is part of worldwide maincrew she is posted on flights coming to India. The way she prepares herself and presents herself in the flight is marvelously captured. The way she builds a bond with Mrs. Reddy gradually results in mutual respect. This is quite an impactful video.

Fuelled by Love and Compassion – Two Powerful Tools for Marketers

British Airways has customized its product and service to India to suit their Indian customers. It is not possible if you don’t know India well. That is something fuelled by love. British Airways has been flying to India since 1924. There are 49 flights from London Heathrow that operate to five cities in India. These are Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Overall, it is an important message to build a strong bond with your customer. Serve truly and heartily. Such bonding never fails. Such bonding never dies. Such bonding stays for life.

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