Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chris Rock is Best Prepared For Oscars 2016

Chris Rock will have a good balance of humour and politics during Oscars 2016

Chris Rock would be hosting the biggest event of the year Oscars 2016

Coming Sunday is the D-day for Chris Rock

Chris Rock is a stand-up comedian. He was part of Saturday Night Live (SNL). He has hosted Academy Awards. His journey of hosting on big occasions began in 2005. He must be balancing his wits, humour and all wisdom about Hollywood for the Oscars 2016. Oscars will be held this Sunday. It is quite an honour for him to host the event. He is probably the best choice. Nobody else would have fitted the bill. He is perfect in humour, talking about varied acts of current day politics, and handling it wittingly in a balancing manner. He has become the first choice in show business. He would be touching some sensitive issues of the politics, race relations in the country and throwing some inside stories. He is 51. There is a shout in the show business about nomination of 20 all-white actors this year. Chris Rock is a black.

Chris Rock is Best Prepared For Oscars 2016
Photo credit: silas216 via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

So far, Chris Rock has not criticised it openly. He might not do it directly. But he will definitely take it up in his own style. And he will do it during the show, on the stage, while hosting it. More than 6,000 members of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences vote on the Oscars. There has always been a concern of shortfall of women and minorities in its ranks. It is reportedly taken up seriously this year. The count of women and minorities is to be doubled in the duration of next four years. No doubt that it is golden opportunity to take up this issue now. The best occasion for this is the prestigious and big stage of the Oscars. Most of the world would be watching it live. Estimated number of TV viewers is around 50 million in America. There would be millions of people in addition to this, watching Oscars 2016 from other parts of the world.

Chris Rock is Best Prepared For Oscars 2016
Photo credit: Debris2008 via Visualhunt / CC BY-ND
This is a big task in front of Chris Rock. But he is smart enough to manage it in a graceful manner.

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