Monday, February 08, 2016

A Strong Governance To Build Strong India: A Short Story

India needs a strong governance with complete intolerance against nonsense

A strong government can build a strong nation

Tolerance does not mean 'no action' against culprits

Anupam Sejriwal is the chief minister of the capital of the great secular country India. The country is known to accommodate all cultures and religions with same intensity and vigor. Somehow there are a lot of irresponsible and antisocial elements that have penetrated the peaceful country. These elements try to create a lot of disturbances within the country. The country has a high level of vigilance that ensures that none of such activities are successful. Everyone in the country is responsible for building a strong India. A strong governance is important. In this highly tolerant country, the strong governance has to run the show with intolerant governance. This is important to keep the crime rate under control. The intolerance is only for the crimes and disturbing elements in the country.
The city has a big heart. It is a city of diversity. On one hand there are multinational companies, high society, hotels, and huge malls. On the other hand, it has been accommodating the migrants from urban areas for higher education and job opportunities. Being A class metro city, there are plenty of opportunities for the same. Youth from other states, cities and villages come to the capital city for learning and higher education. Because of ample scope of jobs, a lot of youth get settled here only after completing their education. They are able to earn almost 4-5 times than they would earn in their native places. Sejriwal is well aware of this fact. To keep the city peaceful and under control, he has built a secret task force for the same. The task force comprises of a skillful think tank and action packed teams. There are scholars, educationists, industrialists and innovators in these teams. Each team has a clear cut agenda to execute. The city has to be as beautiful and accommodative as it has been for years.

A Strong Governance To Build Strong India: A Short Story
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The task force of Sejriwal also comprises of investigators, commandos, and fighters. Every evening Sejriwal conducts a meeting for the latest know-how of the city. The investigating agencies are always on their toes to perform their best in order to keep the things under control. A major headache in the city currently is the strike that broke out all of a sudden by the municipal agencies. Being a capital city, there are multiple municipal bodies in the city. These bodies planned to go on strike for the sake of their pending salaries. Due to financial crunch, their salaries were pending for last few years. The earlier state government was responsible for this chaos. But it was Sejriwal who had to manage the show now. He was already aware of the situation. He understood the gravity. He had already instructed his special task force to build an inventory of the people who are jobless and fit well in the respective agencies. He created a big pool of money from his reserved funds to clear off the pending salaries. But these municipal bodies were being secretly governed by the political opponents. That is why even after Sejriwal cleared their arrears and everyone got paid off, still the strike was not called off.

A Strong Governance To Build Strong India: A Short Story
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Sejriwal, after a strict warning to these bodies, terminated everyone who was on strike. At the same time the new recruitments were done so that city doesn’t suffer. The functioning of the city didn’t suffer at all. There was a complete overhaul of the staff on a roll right from top to bottom. That is what is required from a fantastico chief minister. The problem creators were removed from the power. It proved that the kingdom is as strong as its leader. The leader proved his worth. A strong governance is a must. 

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