Friday, January 08, 2016

Voice of Silence

Holding my hand
He told me
to follow.
I could feel
the music
neither of us
uttering a word.

We walked
quite a long distance,
a path
that was strange
for me,
but not scary
or unpleasant.
In fact,
every step was
a scale of music,
a continuum of rhythm,
a word of prayer.

He kept walking,
I kept following.

He led
all the way
as if a king.
I followed
all along
as if a servant.
He never let me down.
I never lost
faith in him.
He always saved me.
I always felt protected.
He always commanded.
I always obeyed.
It was all in sync.

All these years
I kept following him.
All these years
he has never
let me down.
The long path of life,
The voice of silence,

He is my heart.
I am his soul.

Voice of Silence
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