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5 Books I Loved Reading In 2015

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Books are your best friends. Treat it as a supreme truth. Accept it as a universal fact. A fact as real as your own existence. I am an avid reader. I don't judge a book by its cover. I do try to judge by its opening. But I never deny or reject a book even if its opening does not absorb me. I still continue and complete it. Still there was a book that I could not complete. I could not complete because, despite all my good efforts, I could not continue reading it. It was so illogically crafted. I don't say that the author didn't put his efforts in it. Probably the efforts were not in sync with the content and the message he wanted to convey through the debut book he wrote. I would not name the author or book here.

Here, I will list the books I read, liked and reviewed. I am mentioning only the books I liked most. I would try to list down what I liked (or disliked, if) in the book and author's style of writing. So here it goes:

  1. He is a banker. He is a genius writer. He is a perfect storyteller. He is a magician of words. He weaves words well so as to engage his readers to a substantial extent. His style forces you to get engrossed in the stories he writes. I have read almost all the books he wrote. This is his latest. What I am talking about is The Bestseller She Wrote by one of my favorite Indian authors Ravi Subramanian. For the first time, he embedded romance in a thriller. And he has completed succeeded in his mission. You can read my review here and buy this book here.
  2. My next book is liked a lot by the kid inside me. This is a short story. It completes in 42 pages. It is a must read for all kids of any age. You can read the review of Abigail and the North Pole Adventure by Tali Carmi here and buy it from here.
  3. The kid adventure continues. You all must read Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin by Tali Carmi. She is a fabulous author. She has a mastery in writing children books. Illustrations are good in all her books and she has a good writing style. Kids love to read the stories where they build a connect with the characters. She does it so well. Read the review here and buy the book here if you want. 
  4. Dry eyes is a problem and definitely, we or someone in the family needs a solution. Read this book titled Dry Eye Relief: Natural Medicine for Accelerated Self-Healing (Natural Vision & Eye Care) written by none other than the master of the subject Dr. Glen Swartwout. You can read my review for this book here and buy if you want from here.
  5. Backbone: A BodyMind Breakthrough by Lauri Mattenson is an inspirational memoir. This book talks about hardships and struggles of life. But it also talks about an undying attitude to mitigate these risks. You can read its review here and buy it from here
5 Books I Loved Reading In 2015

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